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La Sainte-Chapelle - “The Holy Chapel” - is a Gothic chapel on the Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris, France. It was built between 1244 and 1248 and is perhaps the high point of the full tide of the rayonnante period in Gothic architecture. The Sainte-Chapelle, the palatine chapel in the courtyard of the royal palace on the Île de la Cité, was designed to house precious relics: Christ’s crown of thorns, the Image of Edessa and thirty other relics of Christ. Later, a piece of the True Cross and other relics were added. Thus the building in Paris, consecrated on the 26th April 1248, was like a precious reliquary: even the stonework was painted with medallions of saints and martyrs in the quatrefoils of the dado arcade, which was hung with rich textiles. The most visually beautiful aspects of the chapel, and considered the best of their type in the world, are its stained glass windows, for which the stonework is a delicate framework. Rose windows were added to the upper chapel in the fifteenth century.

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Sainte Chapelle
Achim Bednorz
50 x 66.5cm
19.75" x 26.25"

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