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In the Welsh story of Lludd and Llefelys, the Red Dragon fights with an invading White Dragon. His shrieks cause women to miscarry, animals to perish and plants to become barren. Lludd, king of Britain, goes to his wise brother Llefelys in France for advice. Llefelys tells him to dig a pit in the centre of Britain, fill it with mead, and cover it with cloth. Lludd does this, and the dragons drink the mead and fall asleep. Still wrapped in their cloth, Lludd imprisons them underground in a stone chest at Dinas Emrys in Snowdonia. This tale is one of eleven Mabinogion tales which draw on pre-Christian mythology, international folklore motifs and early medieval historical traditions.

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Red Dragon
Rachel Arbuckle
50 x 66.5cm
19.75" x 26.25"

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