Tara - High Kings on Two Boards


We cut the edges off of two boards in order to join them together. It makes for a really interesting game! Six kings each to start and win by triple capture (although that’s not the primary objective).

Red wins this game with the fewest kingdoms.
Red: 10 kingdoms + 1 captured enemy king = 5 points (2 for win + difference of 2 kingdoms (12-10) + 1 captured king)
Blue: 12 kingdoms + 2 captured enemy kings = 2 points (2 captured kings)

Red passed as all the kings (both Red and Blue) on the board were immobile and because Red deemed there be no benefit continuing.

Note the upturned ringfort on bottom right. This was placed by the first player to produce an odd number of hills, so preventing a territorial draw. This acts as another ‘border’ within the board, so making internal edges etc.. Placed near the corner like that produces two hills that can be individually besieged by just one enemy ringfort.