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Singles - Level 2 - Kingdoms

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Sacred Hill Level 2 gets big and bulky! Because the rules for building ringforts in Battle mean that you will generally get fewer, but more bulky kingdoms, the kingdom variant can produce very close games. So if you like living on a knife edge, this one is for you; it's concentration all the way!

This game is like a roller coaster; you can feel as though you're completely out of control. However, once you begin to master it, it's a great thrill. The skill in this game is to be able to see what's going to happen well in advance and to know when to attack your opponent and when to leave them alone. Mistiming will cause real problems for you; make a mistake, and you will pay for it dearly!

2 Players

This variant is exactly the same as the Level 1 game, except for the rules below.


  • The knight's move rule no longer applies. Now, each player must assess the order of priority (OP) for each vacant hill before they take their turn. Initially, there will only be OP0s and OP1s, fig. 1.
  • Your highest OP must always be built first; if there are multiple hills with equally the highest OPs, you may freely choose which one to build first.
  • Once your first Battle ringfort has been built, it is likely that one hill (possibly more) adjacent to it will have been raised to OP2. If so, you must build on one of these OP2s on your next turn unless your opponent has built there first, fig. 2.
  • The game continues like this in a chain reaction; having built one ringfort, you find you are committed to building others until you reach a lull.
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fig. 1: Blue starts Battle and must build on one of the OP1 hills. Note: it is also Blue's first lull.

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fig. 2: Blue has now got two OP2s, C4 and D5, and must decide which one to build first.


  • Besieged ringforts automatically become targets for capture. Unlike Sacred Hill Level 1 rules, besieged ringforts adopt an OP determined by the number of ringforts besieging them, fig. 3.
  • So, as long as there are OPs the same (or higher) as the besieged ringfort, the ringfort does not need to be captured straight away, figs. 4 & 5.
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fig. 3: Examples of besieged ringforts and their OPs.

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fig. 4: Blue has three OP2s, only one of which is the besieged Red ringfort B1. The capture does not have to be made immediately.

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fig. 5: Red previously besieged F5 and it becomes an OP4. This is the highest OP on the board currently, so must be captured this turn.

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